iHyogo University Mobility in Asia and the@Pacific)


The Aims of HUMAP

HUMAP (Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) was established in May 2000(Agreement), with the aim of raising the quality of higher education and academic research, as well as nurturing the leaders of the next generation by further promoting exchange between universities in the Hyogo region of Japan and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Principles of HUMAP

HUMAP is committed to two core exchange activities:

The first is ginternational student exchangeh, in which exchange students are provided scholarship and information related to studying at a HUMAP participant university.

The second is ginternational academic exchangeh for dispatching intellectual information from Hyogo, by promoting joint research programs and holding academic seminars and other academic events, making full use of the network capabilities.

The Activities of HUMAP

Hyogo Prefectural Government provides financial assistance needed to carry out the initiatives stated in the ginternational student exchangeh and ginternational academic exchangeh, as follows:

 Supplying scholarship for exchange students from HUMAP participant universities in the Hyogo region and from HUMAP participant universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Partial funding for joint research carried out by HUMAP participant universities in the Hyogo region and HUMAP participant universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

HUMAP also holds international symposia responding to specific needs at appropriate times.

(Applicants considering pursuing studies overseas should submit his/her application in the academic year previous to the one intended -in Japan, the academic year lasts from April through March of the following year. For details, he/she should contact the office in charge at the university he/she is enrolled at the time.)

HUMAP is an international intercollegiate exchange program.
In principle, eligibility is limited to applicants from HUMAP member universities.
To join the HUMAP network scheme, an official application by the university representative, e.g. the president, is required.
For further information, contact the office of international exchange at your university, or directly to the secretariat of HUMAP below:

HUMAP  Leaflet

HUMAP Secretariat Office
c/o Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute
higashikan 6Fl, 1-5-2, Wakihamakaigandori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan 6510073
Phone +81-78-262-5714
@ Fax +81-78-262-5122

HUMAP is an initiative made possible by the financial assistance of the Hyogo Prefectural Government of Japan.